We take the greatest pride in creating exciting international trips for Scout, Guide and other uniformed groups.

Giving young people the chance to learn about new cultures, face new challenges, build important life skills and boost self-confidence (all the while having fun in the great outdoors!) is what makes this more than just a job to us.

Creating lifelong memories

We believe the greatest lessons start with the greatest adventures and as outdoor enthusiasts ourselves with varying involvement in Scouting and Guiding, we’re all about encouraging young people’s love of travel and helping them journey to exciting destinations to create lifelong memories.

Why Venture Abroad?

Supporting you throughout the process

Offering support throughout the trip planning process, we take care of travel, accommodation, excursions, itinerary planning and insurance and offer specialist advice to group leaders looking to take their group abroad.

We’ll work with you to create the perfect adventure, crafting every element and wrapping it all up in one neat, Venture Abroad-stamped package. So wear that international necker with pride as we help you explore one more corner of the world!

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