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Bring on the summer fun in Belgium...

With hundreds of Scouts choosing De Kluis this summer, Venture Abroad’s new rep Guy Watson, was looking forward to fun-filled and hard-working summer season.  As the summer season drew to a close last month Guy gave us an insight into his life as a De Kluis rep…

“I once again realise why Belgium is so famous for chocolate.  There is a choice of chocolate milk, chocolate spread or just to be different, chocolate sprinkles…and this is all for breakfast! 

After a quick bite to eat, its time to go see how the group enjoyed the rest of the campfire from the night before.  They are all up enjoying a nice English Breakfast.  Eggs, tomato, bacon, beans, the lot.  I don’t dare tell the scouts of the chocolate feast I was munching on just minutes before, but the bacon and eggs do smell delicious. 

It’s now 9.25 and time to meet Derek to start the hiking and rafting, always a favourite with the groups.  After a few maps are handed out to the scouts, it is now up to them to correctly guide us to the starting point of the rafting.  Ten minutes into the hike I hear, “How much longer is it?” - this came from one of the smaller scouts, but can often be heard on any walk we undertake no matter how short it is!  Through the trees, along the quiet country roads and past the open fields we make it to the starting point.  We are given a few instructions, every one dons a life jacket and we make our way down the river. 

My life jacket doesn’t stay dry for long.  It seems everyone has a mission to get me as wet as possible.  The splashes are coming from the left, from the right, even from within my own boat.  Not to worry though, I have done this before and soon everyone gets as soaked as I do.  After an hour and a bit on the river we reach our destination. That’s what makes my job so fun and easy.  The smiles are grinning from ear to ear.  Another successful rafting trip! 

The walk back to the camp dries everybody off and it’s time for a quick lunch (this is where I sneak off to get some more chocolate sandwich’s, again keeping this a secret…) Then at 1.30pm the BMX activities start.  I make sure the group is in the right place for their activity before leaving them in the capable hands of Daan.  After a few hours, I head back to the camp to see how the group enjoyed it - again I am greeted with ear to ear smiles!  This time, I am invited up for some dinner and a few songs around the campfire. I do always like the campfire, and by this stage I know the words to more than half the songs that every scout troop seems to sing.  As the sun goes down and the flames go up, I look around and see how lucky I am to have a job like this.  There is a saying that 'if you enjoy your job, you don’t work a day in your life'  and I don’t think I have worked all summer! 

Signing Off,
Guy (Resort Rep - De Kluis)”

To find out more about the exciting opportunities awaiting your troop in De Kluis, visit the Belgium homepage…
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