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Venture Abroad's Risk Assessments

Please remember that safety on tour is everyone's responsibility.

At Venture Abroad we have a number of Risk Assessments available to help you raise awareness and recognise potential risks. Group Leaders are advised that almost any activity carries some inherent risk, particularly where children and young persons are involved. Therefore it is important to ensure that you inform your group of these potential risks.

By identifying these and ensuring that we have control measures in place your group will be able to enjoy their time on tour and reach the full potential of your tour objectives safely.

Additional guidance for the completion of your own Risk Assessments:


At Venture Abroad, we consider the safety policies of uniformed organisations, providing us with a greater understanding of your activity needs and safety requirements for all activities.

We have an activity based risk assessment handbook available to all groups and in addition, we would refer you to the section of your organisation’s safety policy that relates to activities.

Our advice in relation to the preparation of activities is to ensure the following:

  • The activity is appropriate to the age and abilities of all participants
  • Each participant has received appropriate training / adheres to the safety briefings specified at the time
  • The correct safety equipment is worn and correctly fits all participants, if applicable to the activity
  • On-going risk assessment is monitored by the group taking into consideration weather, tiredness etc.

The information available within our Risk Assessment Handbooks will help you to assess and manage the risks associated with the activities you undertake.


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