International Activity Trips for Senior Section

At Venture Abroad, we know how valuable and enriching international travel can be for young people, from that first trip overseas to that 2-week expedition in a world of new cultures and contrasts.

Whether you want the focus of your trip to be adventurous activities, cultural excursions, WAGGGS global initiatives (or all three!), we can help you put together the ultimate itinerary that will inspire your group’s love of adventure. So grab boots, hoist rucksacks, get maps at the ready and explore one more corner of the world!

Star rating

Very impressed with the service and support. Mrs Lucy Whatmore, 1st West Bromwich Guides, Adelboden 2017

I was very impressed with the service and support offered by Venture Aboard. There was always someone on hand to answer any questions that I had and the whole experience was very easy.