A little “ditty” from Angela Owens!

15 Mar 13


“Mum’s gone to Iceland”
Angela Owens, Llandudno Trefoil   North Wales

We all met at Heathrow, our tour to commence.
We’d packed snow boots and thermals, our bags were immense.
To Iceland our journey, from Trefoil we came.
Our flight uneventful, though excitement was plain.

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A fond farewell to Iceland!

9 Mar 13

Trefoil Guild Day 6

Last night (of the 5th day) was the Trefoil Guild group’s last evening in Iceland so, after the evening meal, the 7th floor Conference Room in Hotel Cabin was used from 21.00 – 22.00 for a gathering of the ladies to have a little social time and some singing. At the start of the meeting a poem was read out by Angela O (who composed it too); she had chronicled the tour in verse; it was funny, whimsical, emotional and poignant, a wonderful summation of a quite wonderful tour; many thanks (and I hope it will be typed up and circulated to all). More »

“Exhausted? I’ll say. Exhilarated, absolutely!”

8 Mar 13

Trefoil Guild Day 5

Well, Day 5 began with some most interesting breakfast conversation. No, not about the wondrous sights seen, the sights yet to come or the many fantastic experiences so far covered, oh no. This topic was much more important and closer to home – all about the delicious merits of thermal underwear! This was indeed confirmation of the demographic with whom I was travelling! “Oh yes, always best to wash them before first use” was an earlier heard comment on this topic too! I am, of course, taking notes for future reference!

After a fine and hearty breakfast (with a very fine bread selection indeed), and after discussion with Jon Ragnar and myself about our itinerary options today, it was decided to take the West Coast route as planned on the schedule. We had hoped to maybe try to include a visit to Thingvellir National park (which had not been possible on Day 3) but on checking the road conditions on the web, the roads were coloured purple and white, the former indicating that snow ploughs were in action and the latter indicating that the snow covered roads had yet to be cleared. Thus, anticipating tricky driving as well as impossible walking conditions in Thingvellir NP (amongst the fissures), JR and myself were happy to go west. More »

Day 4 and we say goodbye to Eldhestar!

7 Mar 13

Trefoil Guild Day 4a

It was sad to leave Eldhestar Hotel as it had been a wonderful stay (even if we had lingered longer indoors in it than we had planned yesterday!). But the weather was positively balmy by comparison to yesterday and the planned itinerary was hopefully to be completed. More »

A new Icelandic record…what a special day it turned out to be!

6 Mar 13

Trefoil Guild Day 3d

Wednesday was the day that South Iceland’s winter truly arrived! We awoke to a howling gale as well as snow obliterating all views from all windows of the hotel. This was a remarkable storm. A quick check on the web told us that the whole of Iceland was at a standstill; this is not normal! Nobody was going anywhere. My heart sank; what a shame, all these lovely Trefoil ladies, looking forward to a fabulous day and we could go nowhere – except perhaps back to bed! However, the spirit, support and understanding was remarkable from everyone. But it really did look like we were to be hotel bound all day…or were we? Games were played, stories were told and I set to work to see what could be rescued to make for a good day, if at all possible; it was not boding well. The whole of Reykjavik city was at a standstill with every rescue team, police person, fire brigade being called out to assist; this will be a most memorable day for all Icelanders as well as 20 Trefoil ladies for years to come. More »

“The cold weather won’t dampen our spirits!”

5 Mar 13

Trefoil Guild Day 2

Today was elemental – and brilliant! The wind was powerful to say the least and the windchill took temperatures well down below zero – to double figures below! But the Trefoil Guild spirit was stronger than all of this and everyone has had a fabulous day in a less often visited part of SW Iceland, the Reykjanes Peninsula. More »