Trefoil Annual Meeting

Its regency town house with intricate ironwork lining historic promenades, squares and terraces are just a glimpse of what makes Cheltenham Spa one of the most stunning towns in the county of Gloucestershire, and a great host town for the 2014 Annual Meeting. The delightful town offers something for everyone; history, culture, shopping and array of cafes and restaurants in which to relax and watch the world go by. Home to the flagship race of British steeplechase horse racing, the Gold Cup and the main event of the Cheltenham Festival every March, it seems only fitting that this year's main event, the Annual Meeting, is to be hosted at the Racecourse.

Venture Abroad will be celebrating our 18th year of offering special Annual Meeting weekend packages for members of the Trefoil Guild and are also proud to be the preferred supplier of the Executive Committee for the third consecutive year! Keep up-to-date with all the highlights and happenings live from Cheltenham by following us on Twitter.

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Trefoil Guild Annual Meeting 2017

14 Jun 17

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Following another fantastic Annual Meeting Weekend, we would like to thank all the Trefoil Guild members who joined us in Brighton and who made it so special. This event is always a privilege to be a part of and this year was no exception!

We hope you enjoy our little ditty of the event, summing up our experience of this wonderful weekend…


So ladies, a year has passed and the Trefoil A.M is here again,

And so comes the time to bring out my blogging pen.

How should I write it, to capture the memories we’ll share ?

A witty ditty secured the vote, of a weekend both special and rare!


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Malta 2016

5 Oct 16

What a magnificent week in Malta and the proof is in the pudding (or rather, in the photographs!). We hope Katie’s snaps bring back happy memories to all those who went on the trip and please feel free to leave your comments below! We always love to hear from you.


Trefoil Guild let loose in Malta!

2 Oct 16

Blue Grotto

We are nearly at the end of our Maltese adventure, but not before the members of the Trefoil Guild had the opportunity to explore the island by themselves. Yesterday, they all had a day at leisure – though as Margaret B said, if that’s a day at leisure, she would hate to think what a full day would be! Here’s a round up of what they did:

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Fun, food and friendship

30 Sep 16

We have had a very busy couple of days here in sunny (and sometimes not so sunny!) Malta, but it has involved one key ingredient – food! Yes, like any good Trefoil Guild trip, the last few days have involved a lot of eating and drinking. However, we have done other things in between.

Yesterday (Thursday), we started our day at the Dingli Cliffs. This is a beautiful view from the north east coast of Malta, and is one of the highest points on the island. We took the opportunity to take in the views, as well as trying some local treats which were on sale from a van next to the cliffs. Can anyone guess what the fruit is?!

Surrey South West on tour

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Let’s go to Gozo!

28 Sep 16

Day 2 of our tour of Malta – although technically we have not been in Malta today, but on the neighbouring island of Gozo!

Our day started with a short journey of 25 mins on the ferry to Gozo. The weather was fine, and the sea was calm, so it was a pleasant journey and we were able to view the small island of Comino. Soon Gozo loomed into view and we disembarked at Mgarr, which means welcome.

Planes, Pastizzi and Presidents

27 Sep 16

Hello from Malta! In celebration of World Tourism Day (today) our hotel has laid on a feast of Maltese goodies, so I am writing this with a cup of Maltese coffee (black, with cloves and aniseed) and a traditional almond biscuit (with pink icing) to hand.

The members of the Trefoil Guild have enjoyed their first couple of days in Malta. Yesterday was mostly spent travelling, having met at Heathrow early in the morning. One of the South African ladies was on the flight with us, so it was nice to get to know her before we arrived. After our short flight, we had our first taste of the Maltese heat as well as a Costa coffee – not our last taste of home! We headed onto the hotel, where we quickly settled into our rooms and had a well-earned rest and evening meal after our long day of travelling.

Today, we were up bright and early to visit the first stop on our tour of Malta – the capital city of Valletta. We began with a short visit to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. This is home to the Saluting Battery, which is fired at noon everyday. We also had time to admire the beauty of the gardens, even if they were slightly overshadowed by the massive cruise ships which had pulled into the harbour!

Photo opportunity

Photo opportunity

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