Bruges and Bon Voyage

31 Aug 16

Sunday was a busy and exciting day, spent in the wonderful Belgian city of Bruges. As we wondered up the cobbled streets towards the main square, we were trying our best to resist the amazing smell coming from the chocolate shops and cafe’s (this proved too difficult.. see below). We had to be careful to avoid the horse & carts trotting people around, as we darted between souvenir shops looking at all the goodies available.


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Perfect weather for a Celebration

27 Aug 16

Cubfest 2016 –  I am here, in beautiful Northern France with Solihull District Scouts and 4th Heston Scouts to celebrate the Cub centenary – and what a time we have had already.

After setting off at 5am yesterday morning, the groups remained in good spirits as we ventured towards Dover, with the ultimate pop CD’s pumping out our favourite tunes on the coach. The blue skies were a-plenty, and it wasn’t long before we saw the blue sea and the white cliffs on the horizon. Our ferry was very smooth sailing, providing all with an opportunity to stock up on supplies (particularly toblerones) and take in the wonderful sea air!14055029_10209855573683983_2501581216977564813_n

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Day 4 – Sunshine, extreme heat and a waterpark!

1 Aug 13

Today has been a glorious day in every respect. The weather has been more than kind and gave us a scorching 38 degrees and not a cloud in the sky! The perfect weather for a water park some would say…well its a good job that was where we went today! After we arrived in Le Touquet the group split up to discover the delights of the towns market, have a look in the shops, sample an ice cream or two and relax on the magnificent beach! It seemed to go on for ever! After lunch the group made their way to Aqualud for an afternoon of rides, rapids, lazy rivers and pirate ships! The perfect way to spend an afternoon! Once back at Le Chateau, we have had dinner and are now gearing up for the disco and then the closing ceremony where there will be promises made and new friendship cemented! Its been a great few days and I will be sad to be leaving tomorrow, but I’m sure the memories will live for a very long time and as we have all survived, hopefully Le Chateau 2013 can now be classed as an adventure.

Le Chateau – Day 3: Brugge

31 Jul 13

31st July 2013

From Grace & Megan, 1st Hopwas Guides

Brugge (Grace’s Birthday Blog!)

Bruges - Outside the ChocoStory


Chairs tucked in, glasses full of water and dinner waiting to get under way… much deserved after a long but utterly fantastic day out with Guides at Brugge, Belgium. The day started with an early morning breakfast, which resulted in us having our bellies full to the brim with food, but I suppose that was a good thing, seeing as we did so much walking, our legs nearly dropped off! The first journey we made was by coach for 2 hours (!) to Brugge. We then walked to find the canal cruise, however we were an hour early so we got some extra free time. This meant we could look round shops picking up “tacky magnets” till our hearts content! However there were some really lovely shops, but they tended to have some very wallet munching price tags on their products! When we got on the boat, we were not sure what to expect but it more than lived up to ALL the girls expectations. We found out numerous facts about the Brugge canal, such as: the canal is fresh water and is 3m deep and 49 bridges, 17 churches and 420 bars! After our canal cruise, we had some more free time… so guess what came next, more shopping; not long after we sat down to have our lunch. After we had refueled, we set off the to Choco-Story (a chocolate museum) and as soon as we arrived, we set off on a historical adventure to find out about the history of chocolate and how it is made. Did you know? Chocolate dates back to 2000 B.C! More »

A Canal Cruise, Choco-Story and Jazz Hands!

31 Jul 13


First a round up from last night. After dinner the girls were treated to a French night where they got to practise their French language skills before making, and eating pancakes; or should that be crepes!? Then it was onto the games room for an indoor camp fire! The camp fire basically consisted of a good old fashioned sign along! All the Guiding favourites were out – some old and some new. Not everyone knew all the songs but everyone, including Lindsay and I had a great time. More »

Le Chateau – Day 2: St Omer & Boulogne Sur La Mer

30 Jul 13

St Omer Town Trail

Le Chateau – Day 2: St Omer & Boulogne
Tuesday 30th July 2013
By Emily, Kenyah, Grace & Emma – 255th Birmingham & 5th Codsall Guides

St Omer Town Trail
After a yummy breakfast, we all set of on our way to St. Omer. Whilst there, we went on a town trail which gave us an insight on the culture in St. Omar, after the trail nearly all the guides got an ice cream. The town trail was set out on a question sheet.  It started out as a sunny day but no longer than an hour later it was pouring with rain and we had to pull out our waterproofs and umbrellas whilst running to the coach. More »