Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) - Switzerland

Kandersteg International Scout Centre provides a place for Scouts from all over the world to join together to combine international friendship and fun and once you've been it's easy to see why everybody falls in love with this place. Set in the outstanding natural surroundings of the Bernese Oberland, KISC is surrounded by natural wonders including the Jungfrau and the Eiger mountains the Rhone Glacier and the Trümmelbach Glacier Waterfalls. Our resident Venture Abroad representative will be updating you on all that happens both on-site and off!

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4 Sep 17

Well my time in beautiful Switzerland has come to an end. Every single group that visited was different and no program was the same which is one of the reasons I love Kandersteg; every day is a new experience and adventure.


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Brigerbad Thermal Pools

27 Aug 17

Aspley Guise Scouts’ and Aurora ESU’s last full day in Switzerland was spent at the thermal pools at Brigerbad in the Valais Canton. To get there, we took the train from Kandersteg, through the tunnel which borders the KISC campsite and out the other side. The views were breathtaking as we descended a new (to us) valley by train, down to the town of Brig at 650m above sea level (Kandersteg is at 1200m). Italy could be seen in the distance. Brigerbad is an easy 13 minute bus ride from the station.

The thermal springs have been used since Roman times and they would certainly be impressed with the modern day facilities! We had a great time on the fast outdoor water slide, the inflatable assault course in the pool and the deep pool where there was a 3m rock to jump off into the water.

After a welcomed ice cream, it was back off to camp to get ready for the weekly International Campfire. This is an unique experience where Scouts from around the world come together in song and skits, around a campfire surrounded by the mountains. Well done to our Scouts for getting up on stage and performing!



It’s snow joke!

25 Aug 17

Yesterday, Leyland Scouts headed to the capital city of Bern to explore, whilst Aquila Explorers went to play in the snow!

After catching the train to the top of Europe Jungfrau, it was time to take in the view…


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Right to the top and Pedal Power

25 Aug 17

Dawn broke on Thursday and 6 were missing from the Aspley Guise Camp as the Explorers and Ruth were still up in the mountain hut, being serenaded by cow bells. Our Scouts had a day of activities on site today: Abseiling and the Juicinator. It’s always difficult to choose what to do at KISC as there are so many options!

The half day abseiling course taught the Scouts how to climb/abseil safely and familiarise themselves with the equipment. Whilst waiting for their turn, the girls decided to practice their dance moves (no photographic evidence fortunately). Everyone challenged themselves and even the most cautious amongst the Scouts reached the top of the rock to abseil down, thanks to the expert support of the KISC instructors. The Juicinator is an eco activity. Firstly, the group got to understand how far away the fruit comes from that is used at KISC and how such a small percentage of the earth can be used to grow fruit. We got to learn about the carbon footprint of different foods and discovered that a carrot has one of the lowest footprint and a cow, one of the highest. Then it was time for action – making a smoothie with pedal power. The Scouts chopped fruit together then took turns to pedal to create the power to blend the fruits. A tasty end to the session.


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Hike Day (Aspley Guise)

25 Aug 17

Wednesday was the perfect day for hikes – sunshine and no rain!

Aspley Guise Scouīts split into two walking groups, both taking guided hikes up to the Doldenhorn mountain hut. The first group had Belinda from France guiding them and the second group had Nathan from Canada. This day hike, ran from KISC, gives breathtaking views of the valley and over to the Oeschinensee lake. The first part of the hike zig-zags steeply through forest.

A sampling of local cheeses and meats awaited our hikers at the hut. The return hike was via another route, underneath cliffs and over streams. Everyone felt proud to have achieved a challenging walk to over 1900m.
Our Explorers, Aurora ESU, prepared in the morning for their sub-expedition: a steep guided hike up to the Ueschinen mountain hut led by Ed from the UK and Cedric from France. The group stayed overnight and a climbed course the next day, before returning to the rest of the group at the Centre on Thursday late afternoon.

An overnight stay in a mountain hut is one of the most magical experiences while at KISC. Having carried up the fresh ingredients of the evening meal and bread for breakfast, the Explorers had to chop wood for the stove and cook dinner when we arrived. We were fortunate to have a mild clear sky evening, we sat outside around a lit altar fire and star gazed while surrounded by the clanging of cows’ bells. Magical.

Oeschinensee & A Cheesery Hike

23 Aug 17

It has been a busy couple of days for the group! We split into two groups so each could do two different day trips and then swap over on the second day.

The day trips were; a visit to Oeschinensee Lake and a Cheesery Hike in Kandersteg. The time spent at Oeschinensee was a little more of a chilled-out day, taking the gondola up half way and then walking down to the lake, most of the group then had a paddle to cool down, lovely! The group then walked back down to Kandersteg village.

Meanwhile, the second half of the group went on a hike up the mountain to a the local cheesery; it was nice to learn all about the cheese-making process, all of the young members did really well and should be proud of themselves for making it there and back! The path gained a lot of height in a short period of time!

Now for an early night before an early morning tomorrow to visit the Jungfrau.