The group reunites with Glacier Walking

17 Aug 17

After a couple of hectic days in Iceland, we were split into two groups, group A and group B for Glacier Walking.

Half of us woke up at 7:00am to have breakfast and to get the coach to the activity, whilst the other half of the scout group had a lie in and a late breakfast.

Whilst we waited for the coach to pick us up from the College of Agriculture in the morning; we were making packed lunches, slowly packing our bags and enjoying some well-deserved rest while the scouts chatted for hours. Meanwhile, group A were somewhere in the mountains on the Glacier having a wicked time.

The coach came to pick us up a little bit later than planned. Some adults shared a first coach with a group of explorers who had also gone out to Iceland in the same week; whilst the rest of the group joined a second coach.  After a 2 hour journey, we reached Solheimajokull; we started by kitting up and putting crampons on, getting ice axes and dressing in helmets and harnesses.
We then walked about 10 minutes up towards the glacier where we were split into a further 3 groups. Our group instructors showed us how to put our crampons on followed by a talk on health and safety while on the mountains –  including walking with feet shoulder width apart with our shoulders back.

Our ascent of the Glacier began and proved very tricky for some of the Scouts and adults alike! The tour guides explained every sight to us on route so that we were educated on where we were walking as well as embracing a once in a lifetime experience.

After an incredible 4 hours Glacier walking, all groups were ready to get back on the coach to the campsite. On arrival, we ate some dinner followed by some much needed showers and then caught up with the other groups.

From 10:30-11:00pm, we had a celebratory party, enjoying some music, party games and a slight downpour towards the end. Despite the weather it was the perfect end to a fantastic day.

After a different week…Part 2!

13 Aug 17

George Peterkin: I enjoyed doing the hike and walking on the glaciers as they had very nice views that I will never forget.

Shauna Goddard: I liked all the views and dominoes pizza (our recovery meal!!)

Katie W: I enjoyed the big waterfall… wow.

Adam M: I enjoyed looking at the geysirs.

Toby T: I enjoyed standing on the edge of the tectonic plants on the golden circle tour.

Thomas A: I enjoyed hiking because I enjoyed the views.

Luke H: I enjoyed going into the city tour of Reykjavik.

Owen C: I really enjoyed Reykjavik city tour.

Jack M: I enjoyed the views up the mountains.

Owen B: I enjoyed the Golden Circle tour.

Jack W: I enjoyed seeing the geysirs.

James W: I enjoyed the hot springs on the golden circle tour.

Josh D: I enjoyed the hike. I am very proud of myself.

Alex M: I enjoyed the geysirs. They were very warm!

Lewis B: I enjoyed the golden circle tour.

Liam O: I really enjoyed climbing up mountains and taking of the camp.


After a different week, our best bits continue! – Part 1

13 Aug 17

Alyssia Brownlie: I enjoyed the Golden Circle, thank you to the leaders for organising Iceland.

Benji Dyer: I enjoyed our trip to Reykjavik

George Nugent: I enjoyed all of the Geysirs

Amie Thomson: I enjoyed the glacier walking because I got to walk on the ice

Kitty Spearing: I liked going to Reykjavik because it was really nice to meet the Icelandic people and enjoying the food.

Anya Steers: I enjoyed the sites at the Glacier walk because its something I’ve never seen before and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Malachi Newman: I really enjoyed the Golden Circle tour because I got to see the sights of Iceland

Becky Steel: I liked the Geysirs watching them bumble and erupt

Jabob Kirkham: I really enjoyed the Glacier walk as the views were great. I liked learning about the glaciers and how they have been formed. Learning how quick they move back.

Cameron Seward: I really enjoyed the Glacier tour seeing all the ice and doing a press up to drink the water.

Charlotte Lawrence: I enjoyed Reykjavik and the Glacier excursion because it was so surreal

Isabel Nugent: I liked the Geysirs and going on the Glacier.

Joseph Girvan: I liked the Glaciers and learning about what happens to them and I liked how they move back 30 metres every year.

Jack Barber: I like eating Glacier Ice because it was cold. The oldest thing I will ever eat

Joel Wilson: I liked the Glacier walk and the way they measure the height of the Ice

David Fraser: I enjoyed the hike as it’s the highest I have ever climbed.


3rd Staines and 4th Ashford – Best Bits!

11 Aug 17

Hi all,

We have rounded up some Scout comments for you all to read.

Question: What have you enjoyed the most so far:

Sammie: I enjoyed going around and visiting all of the places

Thomas Hawthorn: I really enjoyed going to Reykjavik and going on the Golden Circle Tour

Ben Saunders: My Favourite thing was the Golden Circle Tour because I got to see amazing nature in Iceland.

Kayden: I enjoyed the hike as it had amazing food, sights and weather.

Ross: I really enjoyed the meals and when we went to Reykjavik

Ethan: I enjoyed all the amazing views like where we climbed the mountain just from our tent where we could see the clear blue lake with a great big mountain behind it. We also drank from the purest natural water resource on the planet. We also watched the hot springs shoot up.

Joe Vaughan: I enjoyed it when we went hiking up the mountain

Kevel: I liked going up the mountain, it was a really good view and I got loads of photos

Alex McCllelland: I enjoyed the beautiful Icelandic weather

Roy Rice: I enjoyed the Geysirs and waterfalls

Zac Kirkham: On this camp I really enjoyed the views from the site and the day in Rekjavik

Ollie Stearn: On this camp I really enjoyed the Golden Circle tour and the views that I saw on it.

Samson T Stuart: On this camp, I really enjoyed the amazing Teepee tent that was very water tight!!

Becky Warman: I enjoyed the coach tour of the Golden Circle

Emily Warman: I enjoyed the hike up the mountain.

Shauna: I enjoyed playing man hunt!!!!

Thomas Hawthorn: I enjoyed the plane ride to Iceland because we got to watch films!





3rd Staines and 4th Ashford accomplish ‘The Golden Circle Tour’

9 Aug 17

An early morning breakfast at 0730 was enjoyed by all… but the day that followed was eagerly anticipated.

The Scouts split across two coaches and set out on a six hour tour of Iceland with 6 stops throughout. The rain clouds cleared and the sun was shining with a temperature high of 12 degrees!!

The day was fantastic! The group saw fresh water glacial lakes, waterfalls, spectacular Geysirs and hiked between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates. All saw something unique and special to Iceland and picturesque views they will not forget in long time.

We were also very lucky to meet royalty… Our Chairman of Spelthorne Scouting (Staines’ previous Mayoress ) Suzi P Webb and presented her an international scarf.

Now back at the campsite and all showered we are off to walk a mountain…


3rd Staines & 4th Ashford explore Reykjavik

9 Aug 17

After a successful flight out and a BBQ, the Scouts were able to be up early to have a day exploring Iceland’s capital City, Reykjavik. Starting at the Church we walked around the City Centre taking in the sights. The scouts were keen to spend their money at every opportunity in the souvenir shops however the Old Harbour was in our sights.

From museums to sculptures, there was a lot of culture to take in when in Europe’s second largest fishery, not to mention the buckets of rain! In the Harbour, we spotted many jellyfish and even a few starfish.

As the Scouts were so well behaved around the city, they were given lots of time to visit the shops and purchase gifts for their parents, and a few for themselves.

A warm coach journey back, led to us being greeted with a delicious lasagne and salad. After filling up on food, the scouts got into teams for the quiz, the topics ranged from Iceland Facts to
Guess The Leader. All in all a successful first full day!