De Kluis - Belgium

Located on the edge of the Meerdaal forest, 20km from Brussels, De Kluis is a campsite rich in nature with plenty of outdoor space. With over 35 hectares of forest surrounding its 20 campsites, this Scout and Guide camp provides the 'back to nature' atmosphere that many Scout and Guide groups expect from a holiday. With so much space, activities are plentiful and assault courses, hiking, biking and rafting are just some of the many activities our groups return to De Kluis for year after year.

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When in Belgium…

15 Mar 18


At Venture Abroad we do our best to organise staff visits to our destinations as regularly as possible. This week it’s the turn of me (Sarah) and Hannah G!

With the aim of cramming as much in as possible in five days, we successfully drove to our first country on Monday: Belgium. We spent a night in Ypres at the Tempelhof hostel – a modern, central hostel with great rooftop views over Ypres, and a night at the De Kluis campsite – a large site set in peaceful Belgian woodland which is the destination for hundreds of scouts and guides every summer.

Highlights from our trip to Belgium are:

The Sanctuary Wood Museum – this is not just a museum, as it allows you to walk through preserved trenches and begin to imagine the experiences of the thousands of soldiers who fought there.

The view from the top of the In Flanders Field Museum Belfry.

Attending the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate – a very moving experience.

Sampling some Belgian chocolate at the Leonidas chocolate shop, Ypres.

Walking through Tyne Cot cemetery, Ypres – this sea of over 11,000 gravestones is also incredibly moving and hard to take in.

Strolling through the beautiful city of Leuven and soaking in the Belgian way of life.

Listening to woodpeckers in the trees of the De Kluis campsite.

We’re now into our second country: the Netherlands! We’ll be back with an update on our adventures here soon!


We found De Kluis (eventually!)

29 Jul 17

We have finally made it to De Kluis and located our camp site (and the lovely Rachel of course!)

Despite getting slightly lost (trust us to have the only coach in the fleet too high for the bridge!) and with huge thanks to the Belgian woman who stopped to give us directions (and even wrote them down for us!) we arrived at camp only about an hour later than planned!

We have had a busy afternoon already getting camp set up, heading into town to buy tonight’s dinner and getting to know our new friends from 7th Exmouth. Spirits are very high in camp and scouts and guides alike have all joined in with a mass football game.

We are looking forward to getting stuck into our first activities in Leuven tomorrow – except the leaders who are just looking forward to going to bed!

Tot Ziens De Kluis!

21 Aug 16

Wow this summer has gone quick! This is my final goodbye post and goodbye from De Kluis!

The campsite is now down and fully packed away. Thank you so much to Hydra and Rutland Explorers for helping put down camp. It is very much appreciated!

The past 6 weeks have included exploring new cities and a new culture, eating lots of Belgian chocolate and scouts challenging themselves with onsite activities. You have visited many locations including Leuven, Brussels, Brugge, Ypres and Walibi theme park.

Highlights for me include getting to eat some of the yummy food that the scouts and explorers have cooked, I have been very impressed with what you have created!

Dank u wel to all the groups that have visited De Kluis this summer. You have all been incredible and made an unforgettable summer.

What has been your highlight?

Empty site

Empty site

The Last Night!

20 Aug 16

Last night was the final night here at De Kluis for our final groups Hydra and Rutland Explorers.

Thank you Hydra for cooking a delicious dinner for us, the burritos and birthday cake were yummy. You did a fab job!

Hydra Explorers cooked some yummy burritos!

Hydra Explorers cooked some yummy burritos!

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Ending the week on a high!

19 Aug 16

Ending the week on a high for hydra as they took to the trees on the high ropes course! The explorers worked really well in a team to get each member through the various parts of the high ropes course. As a photo speaks 1000 words, here are a selection photos to demonstrate just how awesome Hydra are at the high ropes course!

High ropes

High ropes

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‘Fascinating and moving’ – WW1 Battlefields tour!

19 Aug 16

The end of the week is nearing for both Hydra and Rutland Explorers. Yesterday saw a long but fascinating journey to Ypres.


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