De Kluis - Belgium

Located on the edge of the Meerdaal forest, 20km from Brussels, De Kluis is a campsite rich in nature with plenty of outdoor space. With over 35 hectares of forest surrounding its 20 campsites, this Scout and Guide camp provides the 'back to nature' atmosphere that many Scout and Guide groups expect from a holiday. With so much space, activities are plentiful and assault courses, hiking, biking and rafting are just some of the many activities our groups return to De Kluis for year after year.

Venture Abroad Find out more about the activities and excursions on offer in Belgium for Scouts and Guides.

When in Belgium…

15 Mar 18


At Venture Abroad we do our best to organise staff visits to our destinations as regularly as possible. This week it’s the turn of me (Sarah) and Hannah G!

With the aim of cramming as much in as possible in five days, we successfully drove to our first country on Monday: Belgium. We spent a night in Ypres at the Tempelhof hostel – a modern, central hostel with great rooftop views over Ypres, and a night at the De Kluis campsite – a large site set in peaceful Belgian woodland which is the destination for hundreds of scouts and guides every summer.

Highlights from our trip to Belgium are:

The Sanctuary Wood Museum – this is not just a museum, as it allows you to walk through preserved trenches and begin to imagine the experiences of the thousands of soldiers who fought there.

The view from the top of the In Flanders Field Museum Belfry.

Attending the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate – a very moving experience.

Sampling some Belgian chocolate at the Leonidas chocolate shop, Ypres.

Walking through Tyne Cot cemetery, Ypres – this sea of over 11,000 gravestones is also incredibly moving and hard to take in.

Strolling through the beautiful city of Leuven and soaking in the Belgian way of life.

Listening to woodpeckers in the trees of the De Kluis campsite.

We’re now into our second country: the Netherlands! We’ll be back with an update on our adventures here soon!


Visiting the Menin Gate; what to expect

29 Sep 17


More often than not, groups visiting Belgium on a Scout or Guide trip will want to take a trip to Ypres to attend the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate. Whether you simply attend the ceremony or choose to participate, it is a moving experience for any group. 

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Visiting the Menin Gate FAQ’s

29 Sep 17


Attending the Last Post Ceremony is a deeply moving and important experience so we anticipate you’ll have a few questions about what to expect.

We’ve compiled a list of FAQ’s to help answer any questions you may have about attending and participating in the Last Post Ceremony but if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, you can call the team on 01332 342050 and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

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Goodbye Belguim!

21 Aug 17


Well thats it; the last of the groups have gone,  tents are on their way down and with that we say goodbye to De Kluis for another year!

Its been a short but good season, with 5 groups heading to De Kluis in 3 weeks. Together, we set out to explore Belgium; from the Scout and Guide museum in Leuven; the famous Atomium in Brussels to visiting Ypres to pay our respects to those who died 100 years ago during WW1.

The groups also took full advantage of the facilities on site including; high ropes, BMX biking and pioneering (building some quite impressive structures with pioneering poles).

Every group had a jam packed week of fun activities and really got stuck into all this small but amazing country has to offer!


For me its been a great summer! Not only being back in Belgium and getting to revisit some of my favourite places, but also getting to know all the groups that came to stay and being made to feel like part of your groups. We’ve had a lot of fun together and I hope you enjoyed coming to Belgium as much was we enjoyed having you!

That’s it from De Kluis and myself for now, stay in touch and enjoy the rest of your summers! Till next time :)


Taking On The Heights

12 Aug 17


Saxon Explorer Scouts and Network Unit had a great week in Belgium.

Tuesday saw the group visit Walibi Theme Park (which the group previously saw in a miniature form at Mini Europe the day before!). We were there bright and early for the 10am opening time. Unfortunately, the park wasn’t the only thing that opened – it rained pretty much the entire day! However, the Saxons didn’t let this dampen their spirit (excuse the pun!) and the day was happily spent going on 30+ attractions which the park has to offer. A slightly strange experience when you beat the rain to the ground while on the drop tower!

As it was half way through the week, the group decided to have a slightly more relaxing day on the campsite. Fortunately, today stayed dry so they were able to enjoy what the campsite had to offer – as well as doing some woggle-making, which I can testify is rather fiddly!

In between crafts and relaxing, the group had also decided to attach themselves to ropes and climb 20 feet up in the air! This, of course, was the high ropes course! There were 3 different sections for the group to traverse – from my position with both feet firmly on the ground, it was pretty impressive! Not only that they got up there but also how everyone worked together, whether that was belaying or just offering each other encouragement. At the end they were about to take on the formidable leap of faith. This involved climbing up a rather wobbly pole, standing on the very small top and then jumping off; trusting that the six people holding the rope attached to you at the bottom will catch you! Rather you than me guys…

Saxons take (mini) Europe!

9 Aug 17


Saturday saw the arrival of Saxon Explorers and Network Unit at De Kluis. They spent the rest of the day settling in and dodging the rain that unfortunately seems to have made its way over. The next day they were up bright and early for a visit to Leuven. Here, they went bowling (where surprisingly my skills seems to have dramatically improved since last week, maybe there’s hope for going pro after all!). The group also visited the Scout and Guide Museum; built in an old church, it houses many different items from the 100+ year history of the Scouting movement. It was very interesting to see how it had changed over the years and to compare badges!


Monday called for a visit to Brussels and Brupack Park where they visited the world famous Atomium. It was a lovely sunny day and we could see its bright silver structure from miles away and had some amazing views from the top. Next, we had a whistle stop our around the whole of Europe, well, in miniature form. This rather impressive park has tiny models of famous building from every member state of the EU. The group were excited to see any structures they recognised, including some from close to home Bath.