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Kate Knutton

“Bubbly, friendly and blonde is how I like to think my friends would describe me! I have always been involved in Scouting and Guiding, in my adult years as a Guide leader, Brown Owl, Scout Leader, and helping out with Beavers and Explorers. I took 20 of my Scouts and explorers to Belgium in summer 2012 and look forward to getting back out there and helping other groups have an amazing time.

An interesting fact about me: I love Disney a little bit too much and when I took my Scouts to Disneyland Paris I got engaged to Woody from Toy Story.”

Until next time ……

4 Sep 17

Well my time in beautiful Switzerland has come to an end. Every single group that visited was different and no program was the same which is one of the reasons I love Kandersteg; every day is a new experience and adventure.


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It’s snow joke!

25 Aug 17

Yesterday, Leyland Scouts headed to the capital city of Bern to explore, whilst Aquila Explorers went to play in the snow!

After catching the train to the top of Europe Jungfrau, it was time to take in the view…


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Popcorn, cheese, teamwork & befriending a cow – all in a days work at Kandersteg!

23 Aug 17

It’s been a busy day in Kandersteg! Leyland Scouts have been working towards their badges starting with a Solar Workshop; it’s so lovely and sunny here they even managed to make popcorn using the sun light!


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High adventure! Learning skills and facing fears.

21 Aug 17

First thing, I met Aquila Explorers and we traveled to Interlaken on the train, this is where we met the instructors and their next mode of transport!


After a few instructions it was time to hit the rapids…..


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And the adventure begins…

20 Aug 17

Yesterday, I waved good bye to North Leeds Scouts after a fantastic week exploring the stunning Kandersteg.

Until next time!



However, it’s not over yet as I welcomed Aquila explorers and Leyland scouts; both groups started their adventure with a Sunday flag break and morning meet up games.

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Keeping it local North Leeds Scouts

17 Aug 17

Yesterday, North Leeds Scouts kept it local by staying in Kandersteg and taking advantage of the stunning Lake Oechinensee.


Their first stop was a cable car where even Justin Beaver (the camp mascot) enjoyed the views!



Next was the unmissable summer sledding, even the leaders couldn’t resist!














Finally, the stunning views of Lake Oeschinensee where quite a few paddled in the stunning cool waters.
























All topped off with a BBQ at camp…perfect