About Kate Eveleigh

Kate Eveleigh

After many years of working for Venture Abroad, Kate is thrilled that she will be sharing this once in a lifetime adventure with some fellow Guiding friends. As a leader herself, she knows only too well what a huge impact this journey will have on everyone involved.

As her voyage departs she prepares to update everyone back home in a blog that will see some spectacular moments captured in writing; this is bound to be an inspirational and emotional journey…

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The VA team are off to Disney!

28 Jan 15

IMG_8828The bags are packed and the VA team are ready for the off! The eagerly anticipated Disney January weekend is about to start again and we are making our way down to Paris tomorrow to ensure that tickets are counted, meal vouchers are ready and rooms are checked before the groups arrive on Friday night.

We look forward to seeing everyone there – have a safe journey!

Disney 2014, another successful year!

28 Jan 14


Welcoming the groups to Disneyland Paris after their long day of travelling and seeing the excitement on their faces reminded me of the reason Venture Abroad run this trip annually, for the enjoyment of the children. An early start or little bit of rain does not dampen their spirits nor does it deter them from spending a full day in the park. Our job is to be on hand throughout the weekend to ensure that everyone has a smooth and enjoyable time and I am pleased to report that our 13th Disneyland® Paris January Weekends went off without a glitch.

On behalf of the Venture Abroad team and representatives I would like to say a big thank you to all the groups who were on the trip and we hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your Venture Abroad Disneyland Paris experience.

One day back in the office and there is already some great feedback reminding us why we continue to run this trip year after year.

“Thank you all so much for making what I thought was going to be one big head ache into the most amazing weekend.”
10th Leigh Senior Section

“An enjoyable, fun weekend for scouts and leaders alike.”
Greater London South Scouts

“A packed weekend full of fun, thrills, laughter and dreams coming true! The best moment was watching the Guides having fun, making friends and trying new experiences.”
Cranleigh Village District Guides

January means one thing for Venture Abroad – Disneyland Paris!

16 Jan 14


The bags are packed and the alarm is set for 5 am, this can only mean one thing in January – the Venture Abroad Reps are off to Disneyland Paris! A 10 hour journey will land us in The Davy Crockett Ranch, our base for the weekend.

We get there the day before to make sure everything is in order for a fab weekend for all the groups arriving on Friday. Tickets and vouchers are checked, keys collected and we are ready to go!

Roll on Friday evening, the weekend really starts then and we are looking forward to seeing you all!

A cracking finale to a great weekend – the post tour!

26 Jun 12

After a full weekend in Cardiff, 33 ladies, 1 coach driver and 1 Venture Abroad Representative headed west to the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast for 5 days of exploring and relaxing in arguably one of the most beautiful areas in Wales.

From our base in Carmarthen, we ventured to the town of Pembroke, home to Pembroke Castle. Steeped in history and legends, a group of us learnt what used to happen between the Castle Walls; if you were lucky enough to make it past all of the defences that was! The afternoon was spent at the picturesque Bosherton, where, at the bottom of a long and winding path, spectacular lily ponds awaited us. The sight was well worth the walk! An impromptu stop off on the way home allowed us to see the longest love spoon in the World. An age old tradition originates in the area and the crafts on display were magnificent. More »

Gearing up for another weekend at Disneyland Paris!

25 Jan 12

I am back from one weekend and preparing for the next as the Venture Abroad team set off to Disneyland Paris again tomorrow.

How to sum up last weekend in Disneyland Paris, but here it goes! The excitement began as the groups rolled up at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch and Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne on Friday night. The real adventure however started on Saturday morning, when the Brownies and Guides caught their first glimpse of the Disneyland Park Gates! The day was spent riding roller coasters and seeing their favourite Disney Characters… there was no sign of Mickey Mouse though! But imagine the smiles when he appeared at The Character Breakfast on Sunday morning! Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip & Dale joined Mickey as they went to each table to sign autographs and take pictures. More »

“Bonjour” from Disneyland Paris…

20 Jan 12

It doesn’t seem like 12 months ago that we were sat here in Disney’s DavyCrockett Ranch preparing for the first of our January Weekend Breaks to Disneyland Paris!

We arrived on-site early this morning to ensure that everything was ready for the arrival of hundreds of Guides, Scouts, Brownies and Cubs later on today. The cabins at the ranch are set and the Cheyenne Hotel is ready and waiting for its guests. More »