Season’s end for Buitenzorg!

2 Sep 16

bye buitenzorg

Gonna miss being able to call this place my office!

Hello all, for the last time – at least this year! I know, I know – it’s been a couple of weeks since I left the Netherlands, and various busy projects have kept me from writing one last farewell blog post. But here we are! The season at Buitenzorg finished on the 13th of August with the departure of Kent Scouts. A sad day indeed! I can’t believe how fast the season went by and what a multitude of activities and adventures we managed to cram into a single summer.

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Cruising on the canals

12 Aug 16

We were off to a rainy start yesterday as Kent Scouts set off to Amersfoort for a canoeing adventure. Despite the drizzle, the group managed to keep their spirits high and we were soon helping out with unloading at the meeting point with the great instructors from XL Adventure! The group had already met these lovely guides as they’d been the ones to aid us through the high ropes course on Tuesday, so everyone was comfortably chatty and before long we were ready to go. After some safety points, the scouts carefully picked their canoe crews and got themselves decked out in buoyancy aids.


‘Hey lads, get out your paddles and pose!’

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On top of the world!

9 Aug 16

Today marked my second trip to the wonderful Out In Action adventure course, this time accompanying Kent Scouts as they took on the perils of the high ropes and stretched their legs hiking to and from the train station. The group were quick to adjust to the 11m drop beneath them and were soon speeding across the obstacles, giving them little opportunity to fear the height!


The lower 8m course at the high ropes in the foreground, with the most fearless scouts edging along the barrels on the upper level in the background!

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Reaching new heights…

5 Aug 16

It’s been an unbelievably busy week here in the Netherlands! 2nd Southampton Scouts have really thrown themselves into all of the activities and excursions, and we’ve certainly ended up having a few adventures! Tuesday saw the group arrive at the Out In Action high ropes course in Amersfoort and tackle the challenges it provided. Beginners had fun on the zipwire, while others took to the 8 metre course. Only the most daring chose to navigate the precarious obstacles at 11 metres from the ground!

high ropess

The bravest Scouts walk among the trees 11 metres from the ground!

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From Southampton to Baarn

31 Jul 16

Week two of the season begins here in the Netherlands! Yesterday was a mixed bag of emotions – from sadness at saying goodbye to the wonderful groups who left (Newhaven Scouts, Gainsborough Guides and 3rd Wingerworth Scouts – thank you all for being amazing!) to the excitement of welcoming the wonderful Southampton Scouts and helping them get settled in. This group is much bigger than last week’s and were soon happily spread across our two campsites here at Buitenzorg. We had an adventurous trip to the local supermarket and plenty of fun was had with a hammock brought by a group leader – unfortunately, the weather recently forces me to conclude that we probably won’t have a night dry enough for anyone to get a chance at sleeping out in the open underneath the stars!


The Royal Palace Amsterdam, where the group stopped to take in a spot of street performance today.

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From Amersfoort to Amsterdam…

25 Jul 16

What a busy few days it’s been here in the Netherlands! Saturday morning was spent making the final preparations before our first groups of the season arrived, and by midday the Newhaven Scouts, Gainsborough Guides and 3rd Wingerworth Scouts were all settling in to their sites.

By Sunday morning, everyone was ready to get stuck in and the groups were soon occupied with plenty of on-site activities, as well as taking the time for some rest after their long journeys. The activities varied from clog painting at Buitenzorg to exploring the local area through biking and photo hikes.


Getting into the Dutch spirit with some clog painting – messy but so much fun!

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