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Collete Davey

I have been working for Venture Abroad as an Activity and Events co-ordinator since 2006. I have joined many groups on trips throughout Europe as well as visiting Our Cabana in Mexico for what was a once in a lifetime journey for all involved! I have also had the pleasure of joining six Trefoil Guild Annual Meetings to date...

I can't wait to share my experiences with 48 other members of the Trefoil Guild as we join the 2 million other visitors who are expected to travel to the Netherlands to enjoy the "Floriade" - a World Horticultural Expo staged once every ten years!

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It’s here…the Trefoil Annual Meeting Weekend 2013!

7 Jun 13

Glasgow 1

Welcome to Glasgow and the 2013 Trefoil Guild Annual Meeting!

The Venture Abroad team arrived in Glasgow at about 5pm yesterday after a smooth drive up from the Midlands. We stopped for lunch in the Lake District – we couldn’t resist a picnic in the sun! Last night we all stayed at the Campanile Hotel so that we could do one final check of the proceedings for the weekend and ensure that our team of representatives are fully prepared for the arrival of over 400 Trefoil Guild members.

What happens today? Well, this morning we will all head over to our respective hotels to ensure that everything is in order and then we wait to meet and greet our friends for the weekend.

The good news…the sun is shining here in Glasgow and it is set to stay for the rest of the weekend.

Here’s to an enjoyable weekend for all and watch this space (and our Twitter page) for further updates.

It’s the final countdown…

4 Jun 13

Tref AM 2013

There are just a few days to go until Trefoil Guild members begin their travels to Glasgow for the 2013 Trefoil Guild Annual Meeting Weekend and here at Venture Abroad we are ready and raring to go!

The team are fully prepped, meaning all that is left to do is pack their bags and get to the office bright and breezy on Thursday morning for the trip up to Glasgow. We will be arriving a day before members in order to ensure that all the final details are in place and to ensure that we are ready and waiting to greet all the arriving members with a friendly face from Friday morning. More »

We have arrived!

18 Jan 13

VA reps

6am on Thursday morning and we arrived at Rayburn House, packed the last few things into the car and settled in for our trip down to Dover. Ken, Katie, Joanna and I are heading out to meet and greet the groups and ensure that their Disneyland© Paris weekend breaks runs as smoothly as possible. The good news – the snow had stopped and the roads were clear!  More »

Been back from the Floriade for three days now – share the rest of our journey…

17 May 12

Saturday 12th May

Floriade here we come!

And so, after breakfast we made our way to Venlo in southeast Holland, home of the 2012 World Horticultural Expo, Floriade. This unique event takes place every 10 years. Quite a few of my fellow traveller’s had been to Floriade a decade ago, whilst for others like me it was a whole new experience.

With tickets, cameras and maps in hand, and 6 hours to explore the 66 hectares of the Floriade site, the group was off. Hope everyone’s wearing comfy shoes! More »

All on-board and heading for Valkenburg!

11 May 12

It was an early start this morning as I picked up my bags and headed over to Pax Lodge where I was set to meet my fellow travellers. As I arrived I was greeted with an air of excitement as 48 ladies did their final checks that I had done just a few hours earlier (for the third time) – Passport, money, luggage; CHECK!

I have been working with the rest of the Venture Abroad team planning this trip for months and I was beginning to wonder if this day would ever arrive. There I was at 7.30am boarding the coach and the excitement for the trip was beginning to kick in. We promptly chose our seats and began the first leg of our journey to Dover. More »

The countdown to departure is on!

10 May 12

Less than 24 hours to go until I head off with 48 members of the Trefoil Guild to the Netherlands. The past few weeks has seen my VA colleague Emily putting the finishing touches to the tour arrangements. Everyone has their final itinerary and luggage labels and now with courier pack in hand. CHECK. Suitcase packed. CHECK. Passport. CHECK. I’m now ready for the off too. Just one dilemma, do I take my boots or clogs?!! More »