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Top Tips for Planning your International Trip

9 Feb 18


Taking your group abroad can seem daunting but with lots of time to plan and plenty of resources at your fingertips, it really doesn’t have to be.

Here are our top tips for planning your international trip:

1.Start planning early

We suggest planning your trip a good year in advance. Not only will it mean we can help secure availability for your group in the destination you wish to visit but it will also give your group plenty of time to plan and fundraise; the earlier you get the dates out, the more people you’ll get signing up and the more time you’ll have to plan successful fundraising events!

It also means you can work with us at a nice and easy pace to get all of the elements of your trip in place. We know that as volunteers, your time is precious and so we suggest you make it easy on yourself and spread the planning out as much as possible!

We will send out key dates when we require various pieces of information so make sure that your group are aware of these so that they can plan their bit – there’s nothing more stressful than a passport that may or may not arrive in time!

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26 Jan 18

So for those people thinking about using the Eurostar for their trip – it was easy!

As a large party we were let through separately so as we not to hold other people up. We gave all the children their tickets to scan and collected them after.

We made it through the customs and passport control easily. One tip is to make sure your group have their passports before you go through the security checks as it will speed things up.  Remind them to take all their coats and phones out and put them into the trays at the security. A few of our group were given body scans and pat downs but it was mainly the adults!

We arrived with plenty of time to spare so as not to be rushed. We found plenty of seats as a train had just boarded. But be prepared to sit separately!

Hi from 1st St Neots Scout Group

29 Dec 17


Hi there!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are from 1st St Neots Scout Group and we are looking forward to taking our group to Disneyland Paris in January with Venture Abroad!

The service that we have had so far has been brilliant – no question is too silly for the great team, and believe me, some of our questions have been silly.

We are taking 12 Scouts and 1 Cub and there will be 6 adults, so a good ratio for our first trip abroad. My mum and I are both Disney mad and veteran visitors at Disneyland Paris and we will be doing the blogging. We are Assistant Cub Leaders, and are joined by our Cub Leader, Chris, another Assistant Cub Leader, Claire, and Jo and Teresa who are parents and Exec Committee Members.

We look forward to sharing our fundraising and Disney adventures with you up to and during our trip.

Molly and Catherine


18 Dec 17


The fun-filled, fast-paced game for adventure-lovers!

Each card contains a list of facts and figures about a mountain and the aim of the game is to compare these values to try to top it and win an opponent’s card!

Download your Top It Cards!


1. Shuffle the cards and deal in a clockwise direction to all players, keeping the cards face down.

2. Each player should hold the cards in a pile, so only the top card is visible.

3. The first player, to the dealer’s left, reads out a category from the top card. The other players read out the same category from their card.

4. The player with the highest value wins and collects all the top cards from the other players and places them (along with their own top card) on the bottom of their pile.

5. It is then the turn of the winner of the last round to choose a category from the next card.

6. The winner is the person with all of the cards at the end.


We’re Hiring!

23 Nov 17

Photo 02-08-2017, 11 19 28 am

Join our team as a Summer Representative!

Do you want to travel, earn and have an awesome summer all at the same time? Or do you know someone who would be perfect for this role?

Venture Abroad are recruiting Summer Representatives to spend the summer working with Scout and Guide groups in Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium. You will be on-site to offer support to visiting groups, doing all you can to ensure everybody has a great experience on their international trip!

With accommodation and transport costs included, plus a weekly salary, this is the perfect opportunity for outdoor-lovers wanting to enjoy a summer adventure and earn some money along the way!

Details of the Summer Rep positions as follows:

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Let’s Talk About Bullying

6 Nov 17


Books and films can spark positive discussion about difficult subjects. With Anti-Bullying Week approaching, why not incorporate some of these recommended resources into your sessions to teach kids about bullying?

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