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Since February 22nd 1962, World Thinking Day has been a day for speaking out on issues that affect girls and young women, fundraising for projects around the world and celebrating international friendship. Katie from the VA team has been involved in Girlguiding all her life and discusses the importance of this day for her:

‘World Thinking Day is a very special day in the Girlguiding calendar. It’s an opportunity to remember all the wonderful opportunities which Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting has given us, and which we can give our members. It’s also a day to think of all my Guiding and Girl Scouting friends around the world – from Australia to the USA and everywhere in between. I feel very lucky that they are part of my life, as they have allowed me to learn about their lives and their experiences. That’s why I do this job – to give girls the same experience and to help them feel part of the worldwide Guiding family.’


This year, the aim is to grow the World Thinking Day celebrations and invite more girls to be part of the movement. Find out about the ways you can show your support – from symbolising the beginning of new friendships by planting a tree to donating to the World Thinking Day Fund: https://www.wagggs.org/en/what-we-do/world-thinking-day/.

We wish you all a wonderful World Thinking Day!

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Visit WAGGGS World Centres with your Guide Group

Celebrating international friendship and helping girls to feel part of the worldwide Guiding family is a huge part of our international trips designed for Guide groups. In Adelboden, groups can visit the first WAGGGS World Centre, Our Chalet, and learn all about the history of this important centre, meeting Guides from around the world.


‘An awesome experience that has ignited the joy of international Guiding to the next generation.’

– Alison Ringrose, 1st Helensburgh Guides, Switzerland, 2016

Trips to Sangam in India and Our Cabana in Mexico also offer groups the opportunity to form international friendships and develop their understanding of WAGGGS global initiatives whilst participating in community projects in the local area – everything that is central to the ethos of World Thinking Day.

For more information on a WAGGGS World Centre trip, visit our website or call the team on 01332 342 050.