24.07.2011 arrival

“Excuse me – is it always this cold?” a small voice pipes up from the sea of British guide scarfs. As we lean back and wonder at the snow topped Alps bearing down on us, I reveal that we have in fact, just last week, had fresh snowfall! I tentatively promised that sunnier days were yet to come and as if to back up my claim, the sky broke and treated us to a stream of sunshine – Welcome to Adelboden!

Nothing like some scrummy tomato soup (not forgetting a big hunk of fresh Swiss loaf to dunk in it!) to warm our little, and not so little, Godalming Girl Guides.

As if to prove that the Swiss chill was no match for them – we bravely headed for the panoramic swimming Pool – a real Adelboden Gem.  The two people already swimming when we arrived may have given a small yelp of dismay as 20 odd British guides rushed towards them – or perhaps it was a squeal of excitement as the girls took in the water spray, the climbing frame and the inviting looking warm blue waters.

A sun bed and a refreshing beverage was enough for some – and to just relax and drink in the stunning “Alpen-cereal-box” scenery.

After the long overnight bus journey it’s time for supper and sleep and here we must leave our tired guides dear readers – snug in their bunks, in their little “snow-white” chalet, tucked into the lush Swiss mountainside, minds full of the adventure that the new day brings…