An adventurer’s playground

Let your young travellers get adventurous in a new and unexplored environment in one of the most beautiful countries on earth – Norway! Unleash your inner explorer as you get close to nature, trying your hand at a range of exhilarating water sports and on-land activities, including white water rafting, river tubing, rock climbing and abseiling.

After a short flight from Southend, Liverpool or Aberdeen with Norwegian airline Widerøe, you’ll journey to the Norwegian countryside to your base TrollAktiv – a multi-activity centre specially designed for youth groups in search of outdoor adventure.


Your ticket to Norway

When it comes to Venture Abroad’s Norway trips, we work in association with Norwegian airline Widerøe to give groups the best experience possible. With convenient flight routes from Southend or Aberdeen, friendly and efficient customer service and reliable flights, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Widerøe will take good care of you. And if that wasn’t enough, there are free chocolates on board… certain to please your bunch of adventurers!


A little more about Widerøe airline

Forming part of the SAS group, Widerøe is a Norwegian airline that operates flights across Europe and Scandinavia. As the largest airline in the region, operating flights to 46 domestic locations, you know you’re in experienced hands.

In the modern age, where budget airlines dominate the way in which we travel, companies like Widerøe are driving change within air travel, offering a no-nonsense approach to top quality service for all its customers.

In addition, with a large portion of the fleet being propeller planes, less fuel is burnt which leaves a smaller mark on the environment.




Do I need a visa for Norway?

Although Norway isn’t a part of the EU, if you’re travelling from the UK, you won’t need a visa to visit the country.


What currency is used?

The Norwegian Krone is the currency in Norway.


Is Norway a safe place to travel?

It’s widely recognised that Norway is one of the safest places to travel in the world. Crime rates are also extremely low, even in the country’s major cities.


How much daylight will there be?

This is dependent upon where you travel in the country, as well as the time of year you travel. Based at TrollAktiv in Southern Norway, you’ll experience longer days in summer and shorter days in winter.


When is the best time of year to visit Norway?

This depends what you are travelling for! If you’re after adventure in the form of water sports, BMXing, abseiling, zip wires and fishing, then the summer is your answer. However, the winter provides a special kind of experience with snowshoeing, igloo building, cross country skiing and winter survival days on offer.