The sun is out and shining on the campers in Kandersteg as each of the groups gets into full flow for their activities ahead this coming week!

Last Friday however saw the International Campfire with 490 people present including the Explorers and Network from Ilford East who did a great performance to the huge awaiting crowd, the best performance of the night however had to go to one of the Spanish groups who made pretty much a full orchestra out of pots, pans and anything they could get their hands on as well as making a light show around the edge of the campfire circle with fluorescent green lights attached to tree branches which looked amazing!

So far this week there has been loads of activities going on with 4 Venture Abroad Groups currently staying at KISC; they come from East Norwich, Swanwick, Stratford and Shottery and Warrington East! The Scouts have been hiking all over the place with a group doing the Gasterntal hike, a group currently on the Three-Valleys hike and a group did the Evolving Alps hike which goes up to the base of the Gasterntal Valley from KISC and gives the groups a great chance to learn about how The Alps were formed.

The Warrington East Scouts got the bus over to Adelboden yesterday to go to the High-Adventure Park which involves lots of Zipwires, Jumps and Pendulum swings all very high in the trees and from the stories from the Leaders and Scouts it sounded fantastic!!

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