Whilst Greece, Iceland and Norway are all incredibly popular with our groups during the summer, we thought we’d highlight some of the things you might not know about these destinations, including what you can do outside of the peak months.


Loutraki & Athens – Greece

In addition to hiking, snorkelling and kayaking during your time at the sports and activity centre, the neighbouring coastal town of Loutraki offers a relaxing reprieve, giving young adventurer’s chance to enjoy some well-earned downtime.

Experience the various landmarks within the area in addition to the jaw-dropping Corinth canal! During your time in Greece, why not combine your stay with a day-trip to the amazing archaeological city of Athens?






Nothing says adventure more than a trip to Iceland. Go off the beaten track and experience some of the country’s lesser-known geographical treasures, before immersing yourself in the city culture of Reykjavik. And if you’re lucky, you might even see the famous Northern Lights!




TrollAktiv in Winter


Known for its water sports and outdoor activities, TrollAktiv also offers winter wilderness and survival experiences for groups in the Setesdal Highlands area. Swap your water gear for winter layers as you head into the back country for an unforgettable snowy adventure!