Well… where to begin with today guys? The beginning of the day seems the right place to start. When staying in tents the rain water is generally supposed to stay on the outside, but today the group woke to nothing less of a swimming pool inside of their tents. Wet is definitely not the right word to describe it. Once the flood waters had subsided and all the gear was in a dry place we decided it was best to get off the site for a while.

Canal cruise in Utrecht was where the group were heading. Someone must have turned on the taps once we got to Utrecht as the flood waters started all over again. There’s nothing like walking through a shopping centre ankle deep in water. Clearly the campsite wasn’t the only place having troubles with the water, as shops throughout set about with mops and brushes to clear the water from their floors. Needless to say the groups spirits did not break as they went on a canal cruise around Utrecht before enjoying the comforts of a three course meal on the canal front. Where were you when the storm hit? Or were you lucky enough to escape it? I have seen that Angela in Adelboden has posted about their wet weather trouble.