Just have to mention before hand that we did try to swap some Scouts for you all, but even the Zoo wouldn’t keep them 😉 sorry guys! Looks like they’ll be coming home after all!

So today the group set off to the zoo! Had a fab time, for a second day now the rain had held off long enough the group enjoy the actual sun! Yes the sun does just about exist here in Holland! The groups split up into groups to tackle the zoo, they all seemed to love the zoo! Of course as you all probably know the older lot are of course by the far the bigger kids! Once everyone had eaten dinner the older guys spotted a giant playground and took off towards it. Being just big kids they took over most of the park! Would you really expect anything less!?

Seen as though they took over the whole playground, we thought it best to take over the entire slide too. Only 20 of them on there, could have defiantly fit more on if we wanted!


After taking over the playground what better way to calm down them a group photo with the zoos mascot “yellow”. After the fun at the zoo was over and the rain had begun it was time to hit home and grab a bite to eat!


Just because this picture is to AWESOME not to share!!!!