On Saturday, we waved goodbye to Anvil Explorers and Westbury Guides. They have had an amazing week here in Buitenzorg and I hope they had a pleasant home journey. Yet, as these groups depart after a fun and exciting week, we now welcome the last VA groups of the season into Buitenzorg: Welford and Leagrave Scouts!

If I was to describe our new groups in one word, I would have to say active! Everyone has been enjoy exploring the camp and hiking around the town of Baarn, and it seems that the groups’ enthusiasm knows no bounds. Welford Scouts have also celebrated a birthday today, and have decided to put up some lovely decorations to celebrate the event!

Leagrave discoved the market at Castle Groenveld!



Beautiful Welford decorations

Tomorrow, Welford Scouts will be heading to the High Ropes in Amersfoort, while Leagrave are heading to Walibi Theme Park! Everyone here is looking forward to the week ahead and I shall keep you posted on the activity of all VA groups here in Buitenzorg!