A sunny Saturday saw the last two groups of the season arrive ready and eager to get stuck into camp life!

The Saturday was spent chilling out on site and exploring after their journey from the UK. Sunday saw the usual trip to the Scout and Guide Museum in Leuven in which everyone was instructed to do the quiz, including myself! After the Museum both groups wandered back through Leuven and managed to find a brass band playing in one of the squares so they stopped for a dance!

Monday saw the real excitement begin with Wimslow heading out for the day on the mountain bikes whilst Telford went climbing and tunneling, with some of the scouts conquering their fear of heights.

Monday evening saw one of the Wimslow Scouts light a fire with a piece of flint he had found on site, a true scouting method of fire lighting. Both groups spent the evening around the fire singing songs before turning in for the night.

Today the Telford scouts are off to the battlefields and cemeteries around Ypres whilst Wimslow were meant to be canoeing, however due to the weather this has been put on hold until Friday. This morning we saw a repeat of Thursday evening in the weather with it getting eerily dark and a green tinge to the sky around 10am. Everyone was excited and last night we’d dug some trenches around the tents to prevent the flooding so we were well prepared this time! Instead Wimslow have had a chilled out day and built a volleyball / tennis net on the main field and are going to challenge some of the other nationalities on site to a few matches.

This afternoon was bright sunshine and hopefully it will stay that way for the rest of the week!