Friday 15th June 2012.

Things kicked off bright and early on Friday morning as Trefoil Guild members boarded planes, trains and automobiles all over the country bound for Cardiff. Arriving on Thursday afternoon gave us the chance to settle in, get our bearings of the city and do all the final checks before nearly 500 members and the Trefoil Guild executive committee joined us today for what was set to be a jam packed weekend.

As the ladies began to arrive, it was immediately apparent what a community the Trefoil Guild is and it was at this very moment that I knew we were in for a fabulous weekend. Dinner, drinks and, for some, a game of dominos gave the ladies a chance to reconnect with old friends and make many new.

Saturday 16th June 2012.

As I drew back the curtains this morning I was greeted by blue skies and sun beating down on my view of the Millennium Stadium… but unfortunately this view didn’t last for long and the clouds connected, turned a darker shade of grey and the heavens opened. This didn’t stop the ladies using their morning to explore the beautiful, yet very wet, city. They donned their rain coats and wandered through the shopping arcades, boarded the red city tour bus or, for those braver ladies amongst us, set off on foot to explore Cardiff Bay.
12.30pm and the main event was here, the Trefoil Guild Annual Meeting. St David’s Hall was graced with over 1,400 members of the Trefoil Guild from all over the world, some of whom had attended annual meetings before and many who had made the 2012 meeting in Cardiff their first. Not only was the afternoon a chance to cover all the official business, but it gave the members time to talk – a favourite past time for many so I am told by Norman, our Venture Abroad “veteran”.
After the meeting was adjourned it was time for the Venture Abroad representatives to spring back into action and ensure that the ladies made their way back to their hotels in time for an eagerly anticipated evening meal. For many this evening holds a short trip back to St David’s Hall for a concert organised by the Trefoil Guild –
what a great way to round off an already successful day!

Half way through the weekend and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s trip to the Botanical Garden of Wales and Venture Abroad’s evening of entertainment, appropriately titled ‘Jubilee Melodies.’

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