What a week it has been! This morning, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 35th Derry Scouts left De Kluis, Belgium. They have spent a week here in Belgium, and we have had so much fun. It has been very busy, very hot, very little rain, but so much energy and laughter which is all camp needs. I have heard, they are now safely back in Ireland, and the van with all their kit is driving across the UK at the moment!

We have made many memories, shared lots of new experiences, and had a ball! We have been very busy, these are just some of the things we did: explored Leuven, tested all the roller coasters in Walibi Theme Park, hiked, built two large towers, mountain biked, completed the adventure rope course (leaders and I even did it blindfolded, thank you Scouts for guiding us!), spent a memorable day in Ypres, tested all the slides and rapids in Aqualibi, and finally, lots of new friendships were made.  I personally have learnt so much about Derry and Northern Ireland, I am starting to understand the accent – there were lots of funny moments in the week, as I tried to decrypt what was said compared to what I heard! The funniest one was, ‘tomorrow’, I heard ‘the marrows’; and kept thinking what are these leaders doing with marrows?!

I have now shut camp for ten days, while I go back to England, between groups. Coming next, I believe we have 70 Scouts coming from Essex, my home county, their accent will be a lot more normal to me so that will be a lot easier!