For Monday’s activities, we split into two groups: the Explorers and some of the older Scouts went white water rafting on the River Simme; the rest of the Scouts did the team building course at the Centre.
Rafting group – we dragged Sophie, the Venture Abroad rep, along with us for the ride. After getting to grips with the quirks of Swiss trains (including a split train which we were in the wrong end), after 90 minutes, we arrived at Boltigen to gear up and listen to the safety briefing. Then we were split onto two rafts and off we set, down the fast flowing river (normally its 20 l cubed/minute, it was 45 for us). It was great fun and we managed to stay on all the way!
Team building: After Fiona (our Centre activity leader for the morning) gave us a couple of warm up team challenges, we headed for the Higgley Piggley woods on site to the Low Ropes Course with a twist. We were put into pairs and one of us got on the challenging course and then the other helped to spot. Thomas informed Ruth that oranguatans share over 95% of their genetic make up with humans. It was hard to tell what creatures were swinging around. Then Fiona set a trust challenge, redo the course but with blind masks on, assisted by your partner. By then, the rain had truly begun to fall and after our session, we headed into the Chalet to complete the Eco Chalet trail, with fun activities, followed by a discussion about environmental issues.
All together: The rain kept falling and Ruth found us a warm dry room in the Chalet to chill in before dinner. Games of Uno are getting quite seriously contested…