After a busy week 85th Milton Scouts decided to end (quite literally) on a high, by visiting Walibi theme park. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and we were all pretty soggy by the time we arrived. However, this did not dampen their spirits (excuse the pun!) and a great day was had by everyone going on rollercoasters and the other rides that were on offer. I think everyone, even those who were adamant they wouldn’t go on anything, went on something and loved it! Fears were definitely overcome in a few cases with the massive drop tower being the ultimate challenge.¬†After that we headed into Leuven for some tea, eating at this lovely Italian place with pizza to die for. A long day but a really good one!

After an awesome week it was sad to see you guys go, hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have! Safe journey home and thanks for the neckers, I feel like an honorary Milton scout….IIISSY-KAI ISSY-KAI ISSYKAI!!!!