Soon the Trefoil Guild group will be landing at Keflavik Airport. The Hotel Keflavik is fully prepared for the arrival of the group; all room allocations have been prepared and names listed against rooms for ease of check-in.

It is a bit blowy this afternoon (we’d call it a strong wind … but not the Icelanders) and it is a bit nippy too, reading at just minus 7 degrees C this morning! Visibility however is good and the raw awesome landscapes shortly to be seen by the group on arrival will inspire great wonder.

Today the Trefoil Guild group will see a rocky brown and black landscape but tomorrow it may all be white as snow bearing north winds are forecast to continue; all should look magnificent! Icelanders call this “good window weather” as it’s good to look out from within a nice, warm building but the intrepid Trefoilers will want to get out amongst it all, I’m sure!