On Saturday we were joined by our first groups, 1st-12th Leamington Scouts and Staffordshire Guides! After unpacking everything into their respective tents, both groups used their day for settling in and seeking out the supermarket. After a delivery error with the groceries of another group on site, Staffordshire Guides were even lucky enough to get a share of 15kg of lettuce! I’m sure everyone at home is feeling the jealousy!

Today (or possibly yesterday as I am blogging a few hours past my bedtime), both groups have started exploring the beautiful sights of the Holland. Although the day started off the day with heavy rain, it soon cleared up nicely, making the weather perfect for exploring. Staffordshire Guides took a train to  the medieval city of Utrecht, where they had a tour of the city via canal and saw the sights of the city centre. There was much interest in the statue of Jan Van Nassau, although we have yet to find out who he is. Perhaps I’ll give it a mean google at some point this week!

Staffordshire Guides in Utrecht

While Staffordshire has been seeing the sites in Utrecht, Leamington Scouts have been exploring the local area of Baarn, walking through the village center and scouting out the train station.  I recently caught this group in the act of kitting out scouts with ash camouflage facepaint, so I’m keeping a good eye on them.

Up to no good?
Getting the fire going for the evening


Tomorrow, both groups will be taking on the High Ropes course in Amersfoort! Wish us good weather for the day ahead and I will keep you posted!