Today the rain had held off long enough for the group to enjoy a relaxing bike ride through the busy city of Utrecht. There is no better way to travel than by a bike! Whilst half of the group was enjoying their bike ride the other half enjoyed a nice sight seeing trip by canal boat, taking in all the sights they could whilst learning along the way.

Once both groups had finished their morning of activities it was time for a spot of lunch. The group all met up at the Cathedral and sat by one of the statues to eat. Whilst eating the scouts were asked if they wanted a kick about by one of the locals, so who better to accept the challenges set by others, than scouts! They took to his challenges like ducks to water, showing off their tricks and running literal rings around this poor man. Of course I think after a while he regretted asking them to challenge him as he was loosing a fair bit.

Once the football fun was over the groups swapped over activities for the afternoon, one group explored the sights around the cathedral on bikes, whilst the others did a bit of shopping before going to the canal, to take on the sights on the cruise. The group exhausted then headed back to camp to get yet another early night, ready for their trip to the zoo!