Yesterday I joined South Leicester Scout District for an amazing trip to the top of Europe, the Jungfrau. First step was a train all the way to the top, along the 2 hour train journey to the top we got sneaky previews of the view with small windows in the tunnel.

Once at the top our first views were stunning!

GetAttachment  IMG_5223 Snow!!!!!! After a couple of snow ball fights it was time to continue exploring with a slide through the ice palace to see the penguins!



After all the exploring at the time it was time for the treck down the mountain following the Eiger Trail, here they are at the start ………


The walk talk just over 4 hours but with some enthusiastic singing “aint know mountain high enough”…


…and some walking backwards on the steep bits we all made it! well done South Leicester Scouts! they then returned back to camp for some warming Beef Stroganoff.