Following a couple of days of intense activity on our site at De Kluis everything is now ready to go for the arrival of our first group on Saturday. All the kit made it safely from the UK, and three of us made good time in getting half of the patrol tents up on the first day in glorious weather. The site is a very short walk from the centre, but is nicely secluded. The only noise breaking the sound of the forest and the birdsong was the crack of our mallets as we went about our work.

We had been warned by the staff at the centre that there would be rain overnight, and they weren’t wrong. We awoke the next morning to overcast skies and warm summer rain. After a good breakfast we pressed on with getting the site prepared and made short work of getting the rest of the patrol tents, two fire tents, two mess tents and the leaders’ tents up. Then it was just a matter of bringing the tables and benches up from the centre. A simple operation, but not helped when the trailer came away from the Land Rover and started rolling back down the hill! Some quick thinking and Herculean strength from Paul made sure all was well, and everything was in place in no time. After everything was sorted we drove into Leuven for a walk round; it’s an interesting and vibrant university town with some wonderful architecture. Well worth checking out.

All in all a satisfactory prep trip, even though the rain made it a little challenging. I’m sure there will be a lot of scouts who will also enjoy an unforgettable stay, and some great challenges while in De Kluis.

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