The weather has held out for us this week! Yesterday was another dry day (well apart from a shower overnight, but we’ll ignore that as we couldn’t see it) and saw both groups off on different adventures around the site. Holywood Guides went on a guided BMX tour which involved some jumps and was great fun I’m reliably informed by them all. Meanwhile┬áI went with St Eugene’s Scouts to the Adventure Ropes Course. There was all sorts of different wires and suspended logs and cargo nets to walk across, all at a height!

Today St Eugene’s went to Leuven to go swimming while some of the Guides tried to get swimming themselves (we were meant to be Canoeing!) one boat of three managed to end up upside down and left three of them bobbing in the water. I went over to help and in the process was soon in the river myself! There were laughs all round and everybody is now clean and just going in for lunch.

Cheerio for now.

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