We the 1st Viewpark Boys Brigade are on the final countdown to our fourth trip to Adelboden.
We started our Swiss adventures back in 2009 and have managed to return every second year since.
Our previous reps Emma, Rhia & James took great care of us and became
great friends of ours, we are looking forward to striking up a similar friendship with our rep Emily this year.
We have worked hard preparing for this years trip and are looking forward to introducing Adelboden to
the newbies of the group, some boys returning for their third time.
We are hopeful of getting permission to take part in the village national day parade which we led in 2009
but leading the rest of the world party at the rear of the actual parade is as much a thrill.
Two weeks tonight we will be settling in to our chalet and getting some much needed rest before
the next days activities who am I trying to kid even after the our 26 hour journey the boys will have
found a new lease of life and we will not get an early night.
Adelboden, 1st Viewpark Boys Brigade are coming home.