The sun has been shining in between the intermittent thunderstorms here in Kandertseg, however Thursday was a glorious day making it a perfect day for some adventurous activities!

Oddy Explorers took the train to Uttigen from where they went tubing (floating down a river on inflatable rings) on the river Aare to Bern which included lots of tipping people out of their rings, plenty of splashing and some refreshing swimming in the water which for a welcoming change wasn’t absolutely freezing! This was followed by ice creams next to the river while watching hundreds of people jumping into the crystal clear water, before taking a stroll down the river into the centre of the Swiss Capital where the beautiful German looking architecture and the typically Swiss market gave the explorers plenty to look at before getting the train back to Kandersteg!

Heaton Explorers have been split into different groups with half of them visiting Interlaken on Thursday while the other Scouts did the Cheesery Hike. The group going to Interlaken took the train to Spiez before getting the ferry on the stunning Lake Thun to Interlaken from where they could admire the view of Thunersee, Interlaken and the surrounding Mountains including the Eiger and the Jungfrau. The afternoon in Interlaken was well spent by the Scouts as they stuck to the tradition of buying Swiss-army knives and paying McDonalds a visit! The Cheesery Hike took the Scouts, from KISC up the mountain-side to the Golitschen Cheesery, where they got to taste the finest local cheese as well as admire the splendid views of the valley!

There has been plenty of thunder and lightning recently in Kandersteg with the hot weather building up to cause some very ferocious and impressive storms which the explorers were mesmerised by. The Scouts and Explorers had a great time jumping off the diving boards and attempting the slack-line across the water at the Wet ‘n’ Wild pool party on Wednesday as well as the tasty barbecue, both of which just escaped the oncoming thunderstorms which pretty rapidly darkened the skies!… and I’m pretty sure some of the scouts won’t be forgetting their raincoats again in a hurry!!

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