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Following another fantastic Annual Meeting Weekend, we would like to thank all the Trefoil Guild members who joined us in Brighton and who made it so special. This event is always a privilege to be a part of and this year was no exception!

We hope you enjoy our little ditty of the event, summing up our experience of this wonderful weekend…


So ladies, a year has passed and the Trefoil A.M is here again,

And so comes the time to bring out my blogging pen.

How should I write it, to capture the memories we’ll share ?

A witty ditty secured the vote, of a weekend both special and rare!


Brighton was to be our home for just a few days,

Hundreds of ladies waiting to share memories of their guiding ways.

How fantastic to witness those first few moments in the Brighton heat,

A sea of scarves embracing each other; for many, it’s years since they last did meet.


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I’d long since decided when I knew I was attending this event,

I wanted to discover more about Trefoil members and their hours of hard work spent.

With years and years of dedication to the cause,

Every one of these ladies deserves a round of applause!


Down to business, the annual meeting quickly came round,

Hotels were left and the Brighton Centre found.

From the oven outside to the kettle within,

Tales of a young girl racing a tide so very challenging.


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With no one better than her mother by her side,

She shared a journey that hadn’t been an easy ride.

Inspiring many a woman and man seated there,

She too, like you, had created a legacy for many to share.


A seed had been planted many years ago,

One that it seems was impossible to let go.

I asked one lady, how did it all start?

Just help out for one week; 50 years on, it’s ingrained in your heart.


Age is no barrier, a determination to get the most out of life,

Sunday’s packed schedule would cause you no strife,

To Bluebell Railway, Sheffield Park and Herstmonceux we darted about,

Thankful for our coach drivers, guiding us in and out.


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Brighton beach babes be at the ready,

It’s Venture Abroad entertainment, toe tapping on your deckchairs…go steady!

Brass Band music, strong male voices everywhere,

And of course Punch and Judy entertaining us, pretty unruly, without a care!


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Monday arrives, I’ll sign off and thank you all,

The hard work has amounted in us having a ball,

My journey of discovery has unearthed many important things,

But most of all… the joy your membership brings.


Until next year!

We hope to see you all at the 2018 Meeting in Birmingham! Find out more about next year’s event on our website or call our team on 01332 342050!


Take a look at our photo gallery of the weekend!

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