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As leaders, you’ll all be well aware of the benefits of traveling on an international trip with your membersExploring cultural differences, learning new skills, developing independence, bonding as a unit, along with a whole host of other social and personal benefits, are just the start of a very long list. 

Through the events of the last 9 months, we have a feeling the weighting and importance of these benefits may have just shifted ever so slightly. 2020 was tough year as we witnessed weekly meetings and many other extra-curricular activities grind to a halt more than once and schools closing – and it seems there are still some tough times ahead in 2021. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is at that point that children will need to reap the benefits that international travel gives them more than ever before.  

We know after the year we’ve had it can be easy to forget the joys of traveling with your Scout or Guide unit, so here’s a reminder of just some of the reasons children need us to start planning adventures for 2022. 

Building resilience 

Resilience – for us one of the ‘hot’ words of 2020. Young and old have astounded us all with the resilience they have shown during these challenging times. Travel has long been a tonic for pepping up our resilience levels. Following a year where these possibilities have been restricted to such an extent, these opportunities are more important than ever before!  

(Re)Building confidence 

Spending too long within our four walls with children having to communicate via zoom and teams, gaming consoles, mobile phones and social media is not what any of us would ideally have planned for children. Missing chapters of building new friendships and spending time doing activities in groups will all have contributed to our children’s confidence taking a knock. There’s no doubt that travelling internationally with their unit, experiencing new cultures, activities and routines provides children with the much needed confidence boost they need. It will also give them much needed time away from parents and carers    

Nurturing social skills and interaction  

Testing their language skills, navigating a new country and enjoying independence away from home will force children to re-engage and use their natural social skills. Best of all, they’ll have a condensed period of time away together, where life, and using these core skills will quickly feel very normal again. 

Just some normality 

Who would have thought normality would have meant so much to us and would have been something we would all crave to such an extent? Getting back to meetings, attending school, playing with friends, days out, going on holidays, exploring our world. It’s not unusual, it’s the norm. 

Together let’s start getting plans in place to give our young people these very real life experiences.  They deserve it. 

Plan now for 2022…we’re ready when you’re ready!  

Start planning…