The Netherlands is known for many things; their famous Dutch Apple Pie, their desire to cycle everywhere they go, but most of all, their fabulous choice of footwear. The Dutch may not seem to be as fashionable as the French or Italians, but their style of footwear beats all.

This week the fantastic 8th / 14th Epsom Air Explorers had the opportunity to design their very own Dutch clog, in the clog making workshop at Buitenzorg Scout Centre. The amazing thing about clogs, is that they come in so many different colours and designs, so the clog making workshop really enabled the Explorers creativity to shine through on their clog painting artwork!

One of the brilliant volunteers of Buitenzorg, Mila, led the workshop suggesting imaginative ideas that the Explorers could do on their clog. Mila could not have been better at giving suggestions for the Explorers clogs; tulips, windmills, cow patterns, the flag of The Netherlands, and my personal favourite, Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer!

Who’d have thought that clogs could be appropriate for every season of the year! Only if it was socially acceptable to wear clogs in the UK…

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