Wow this summer has gone quick! This is my final goodbye post and goodbye from De Kluis!

The campsite is now down and fully packed away. Thank you so much to Hydra and Rutland Explorers for helping put down camp. It is very much appreciated!

The past 6 weeks have included exploring new cities and a new culture, eating lots of Belgian chocolate and scouts challenging themselves with onsite activities. You have visited many locations including Leuven, Brussels, Brugge, Ypres and Walibi theme park.

Highlights for me include getting to eat some of the yummy food that the scouts and explorers have cooked, I have been very impressed with what you have created!

Dank u wel to all the groups that have visited De Kluis this summer. You have all been incredible and made an unforgettable summer.

What has been your highlight?

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