Venture Abroad’s Operation Manager, Colette, has been helping groups create their perfect KISC adventure for almost 16 years, and here she shares just some of her top tips.

Make sure to take something to keep you warm and comfy on the coach

Especially if you’re planning to sleep. How about your camp blanket? 24-hours on a coach or a long haul plane journey is a perfect time to sew on all of those badges you’ve saved up over the years,

Think about what you can let international scouts know about your local area

Many people will know about the UK in general, but what about your area? Have you got a special food or is it famous for something? Take some information about it, you don’t know when you’ll have a chance to share it! Make sure as well to take some local badges or swaps if you can – some of my favourites are from individual groups in the US which reminds me of my friends.

Don’t forget to wear your scout neckerchief for free travel on the local Kandersteg bus!

If you wear your scout neckerchief with pride you get to travel on the local Kandersteg bus for free, so don’t leave your room without it…

Try to learn some basic German phrases

Yes, everyone at KISC speaks English, but when you head out into Kandersteg, they will appreciate it.

Make a fundraising plan and stick to it!

We have some handy fundraising staples and some more ‘out there’ methods over on our fundraising blog here

Pace your programme by factoring in some rest days

It’s so tempting to jam-pack your itinerary with so many amazing activities and excursions on offer but a day relaxing at the local swimming pool or trying to achieve a KISC badge is definitely worth considering.

Don’t miss the International Campfire

A fantastic evening is held at KISC and for many a real highlight of their stay. You’ll even have the opportunity to take part in the international campfire with your own skit or song.

Take a trip to Lake Oeschinensee

A great day out combining a cable car ride, hiking, a paddle in the bluest of blue waters and then round the day off on the toboggan run before heading back to KISC. And all this is within walking distance of KISC so you don’t even need to venture too far!

Get ready to recycle!

A super important aspect of your stay at KISC with all guests are encouraged to get involved with recycling. You could even work towards KISC’s Eco Award.

Plan Early

Details of the activities which you can book at KISC are usually available around the start of the year. Try to get planning early (with the young member’s input, of course) – you can set up your preferred options before the activity bookings open. Then on the day bookings open, you just need to press send on the email. However, don’t try to send them too early – you risk being put to the bottom of the pile!


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