Hey, Sammy G here!! We had such a fun day yesterday; we went to┬áJungfraujoch- the very top of Europe- and visited the Ice Palace there, which was very slippy as everything, including the floor, was made of ice. There were ice sculptures of various animals, like penguins and bears, and even a huge sculpture of Sherlock Holmes!! We also had a few people sing ‘Let it go’ from the film Frozen too, which we all predicted before we reached the Ice Palace. We then went out onto the viewing platform and took some really nice pictures of the views around us. It was stunning to look at, but really bright despite there being no sun out. Finally, we went out into the snow and had a group photo- most people had sunglasses on, but the others who didn’t struggled not to squint at the brightness. Before we caught our train down the mountain again, we visited the shop and each got various things, such as badges. Before we got to the summit, however, we had to catch 5 different trains and a bus, there and back… it was exhausting!! Yet, once we got back to the chalet, we all settled down for tea and rested from our busy day. Woo!!