An early 5.30am start was called for on this day as we needed to take 1 bus and 4 trains to reach the top of Europe so with coats, gloves, scarves and lunches packed we set off. Following our tour rep, Ellie, we made all of our connections although one connection did call for some speed and nifty footwork in and around other commuters. It took three and a half hours to reach the top but with such beautiful scenery that became more and more breathtaking around every mountain turn the time just melted away. At two points during the journey through the Eiger tunnel we were able to get off and view the “ice wall” and the “sea of ice”. At the very top the peaks were covered in crisp white snow but the sun shone gloriously making our hats, scarves, gloves and coats redundant. The girls had a snowball fight and laid in the snow to make snow angels before we visited the ice palace full of amazing ice sculptures of penguins, bears and eagles.
A truly amazing day.