Wide games are one of the most popular activities to be played with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides in an outdoor area, and many can be adapted to play inside for when the weather isn’t great!

Games are usually based on a theme or storyline to encourage children to work together, think creatively and most importantly have fun! A great way to help develop children’s key skills.

Check out our top 5 wide games!

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Squirrel and Fox

This game will help develop children’s understanding of the difference between winning and losing.

Research has shown that if a child loses a game, it will teach them the importance of empathy. And when they win next time, it will help teach them that losing isn’t a negative thing, but that life is full of second chances.

squirrel and fox game


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Falling Snowflakes

This game helps to improve children’s teamwork skills, which research shows is important in order to learn how to take, share and play with each other. This will also help develop essential social skills which they can use in later life. 


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Elephant & Hunters

Elephant & Hunters is a friendly, competitive game and will help children learn and grow in confidence. These are great skills to equip children with in their earlier years.

Friendly competition should be seen as a positive as it teaches children that hard work and determination helps to achieve. A great life lesson!

Elephant & Hunters card


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Panic is another game that will help children develop their team skills while managing their competitive streak!

Panic card


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Crocodile Pit

Crocodile Pit is a game that teaches children communication and teamwork skills. They’ll also have to think creatively if they are to be the fastest and most efficient!

Crocodile card


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Be imaginative and create your own ‘Wide Game’!


Decide on a theme or a story

The most important feature of a wide game is setting a theme or storyline so the game has a purpose. Don’t limit your imagination… be as creative as you like as these always make the best type of wide games!

Choose an activity

Keeping the children active is key to a fun wide game, so let your imagination go wild.

Choose your course

Decide where your game will take place and if any checkpoints are needed, as well as where they’ll be positioned. Consider how long you want the game to last as you don’t want it to be too long or too short. We recommend half an hour.

Write your clues

Your idea is coming to life! Now that the game is completely mapped out in your head, start to compose your story and clues. And don’t forget the most important rule… have fun!

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