We have had two very exciting days, so much so, I haven’t had much chance to blog!

Before we headed out to the pyramids, we visited Ticalli Guide Hostel, and posed for the ‘must have’ photo…



We went on a tour of the Teotihuacan pyramids, where we had the opportunity to climb the Sun Pyramid. The ascent was a little tough but once we made it to the top, it was well worth it! See our awesome ‘we made it to the top’ selfie!


Those that didn’t want to climb had an extra session with the tour guide where they enjoyed learning about natural aztec paints, and have a vibrantly coloured picture to prove it.

Today, we went to the floating gardens, Xochimilco, where we thoroughly enjoyed a ride in the gondolas, listening to Miriarchi band, and embracing true Mexican culture.



We have now arrived at Our Cabana, and are stunned by the beautiful setting. The group were given the grand tour and we are already planning Thinking Day celebrations!