A massive atmosphere, thunderstorms and then some spectacular fireworks are about the only way you can describe the August 1st KISC Scout Parade and the village ceremony that followed.

The evening’s events kicked off with a huge BBQ for 900 people on the lawn outside the chalet where the guests were even treated to steaks!… (Very exciting I know!) A lot of the centre staff and the scouts still bore the remnants of the afternoon’s costumes and decorations which included some very wacky Swiss face paint from one of the groups as well as all sorts of costumes including footpath signs, trains, the Rega (rescue helicopters), a 10 person Toblerone and even a cheese fondue!!

Shortly after, followed the Swiss national day ceremony on the sports field with 1400 Scouts from 46 different countries attending. The torch lit Parade down to the village was as magnificent and loud as ever, with the constant battles for which group can chant the loudest and lose their voices first continued the whole way down to the village! The parade concluded with a 20 minute spell of horizontal rain and a crazy thunder and lightning storm, which echoed around the valley walls and lit up the many mountain peaks. 15 minutes of ear-popping fireworks later and the celebrations, also coinciding with the anniversary of Baden-Powell’s birth of scouting, drew to an end on what had been an amazing day, with a truly awesome atmosphere. An event that will live long in the memory of everyone here at the mighty KISC!!