Another beautiful day in Switzerland! We headed to Thun by train, spent some time admiring the river surfers and exploring the town before riding on Thun’s big wheel. We had some amazing views of Thun and the surrounding areas from here and it was such good fun!

After a lunch stop in the grounds of Thun Castle, we set off inside to explore. There are a lot of steps up to the castle, especially on a hot day and after climbing the Reichenbach path yesterday! But there was so much to see and do, including climbing into the 4 towers of the castle and riding some of the wooden horses. Georgie also got herself into some trouble…


After the castle tour (and some ice cream) we headed down to the Thunersee lake for a boat trip across to Spiez. The water was clear and sparkling, the views were breathtaking! We also appreciated the light breeze on the Beatus. We decided that we would like to spend more time alongside the lake if we ever got the opportunity as there was so much to see and the water looked perfect for swimming!


The walk from Spiez lakeside to the station was rather steep but the views made it worthwhile – and if you ever go to Spiez train station, there is rather an unusual surprise we came across in the ladies’ loo! We would definitely rcommend Thun and Spiez as a day trip – but don’t plan on shopping here on a Sunday as all the shops were closed!