30.07.2011 swiss eve 4

One would think that after the Engstligenalp cheesemaker my week could not get any better unless JLS needed me to assist the photo shoot for their new underwear catalogue. Imagine my joy then, when I am to accompany my group to a traditional Swiss evening to include traditional Swiss cheese fondue!

So it transpires that in Staffordshire there are many cheese fans (there is no better compliment to those fine Staffordshire oatcakes), and Jane and Kitty were just two such enthusiasts keen to steal my crown as queen of the cheese fondue.

My mistakes were many- eating lunch late, rushing at the start of the meal and not wearing my lucky expanding cheese trousers – to name but a few. Big mistake – sitting next to fellow cheese fan and group leader Jane… fondue forks poised – this was Cheese War!

In a frantic flurry of cheese dipping and bread swirling I conceded defeat – Cheese 1 Charlotte 0 – but as the first fondue of the season I am out of shape and will be better prepared for round two…

Luckily there was plenty else to take my mind off my belly full of cheese; herby chips with tomato sauce, mixed salad in a special Hotel Alpina dressing, delicious homemade lemon iced tea – all washed down with the deep tones of the Alpine horn serenading our meal!

Next time I will finish the fondue… ding ding! Prepare for round two.

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