41st Manchester Scouts

So, the sun has finally returned to the island of Ivo and everybody is extremely happy! Our second group of scouts from Manchester, Bradford and Liverpool arrived after a long journey down from Trollactiv in Norway where they had experienced an action packed 3 days doing white water rafting, canoeing and rock climbing.

Once they had settled into their Swedish cabins, the groups made the most of the good weather and headed straight for the water where 5th Crosby Scouts enjoyed the campsite’s boats and the refreshingly cool water. Bradford North Explorers decided it was time for some exploring and went off to find the famous Ivo Island caves where they had a rather interesting incident with a rather large spider! The Manchester scouts also went off to explore the island and came back with some very amusing stories. In the evening, the campsite held their weekly dance and both scouts and leaders were able to enjoy the great live music and the amazing dancing talent of the local people.

It was great to see all of the scouts getting on so well and on Sunday the scouts from Manchester and Bradford decided to have a joint BBQ where they ate traditional Swedish sausages and got to know each other a little better.

Monday was jamboree day for the groups and what a day it was!! The bus was filled with excitement as we pulled up to the site and I could only hold them long enough to get a quick photo at the gate before they raced off into the buzzing crowds! The scouts had a great day at the Jamboree and made many international friends. They picked up souvenirs from all over the world and covered their bodies in stamps just to prove where they had been.

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